Review: Lovers and Fighters

Lovers and Fighters by Nash Summers

Acquired how: bought ebook

Scott is a stuffy curator at a museum still desperately trying to be the man his parents want him to be; Julian is the delinquent brother of one of his friends. When they meet sparks fly

I bought this because the cover is gorgeous. I admit it. The problem with that is that a gorgeous cover doesn’t mean a book is right for me at all.

I liked the prose in the beginning of the book, in part because I assumed the writing was gently making fun of the main character. As I read on, I realised it was not, and it was a very different kind of book than I’d been expecting. Perhaps this accounts for why it didn’t work for me? However, my main problem with the romance, really, was that the characters didn’t seem to talk to each other when it counted and I wasn’t convinced they were actually any good for each other. Nor was I convinced they were necessarily bad for each other – they were just sort of there, existing in the same space. I understood what drew them to each other but the lack of communication toward the end soured me on the idea that they could ever really make it work.

I think perhaps the book needed to be longer. I think if the author had gone a bit more in depth with the characters and had them interact more after the halfway point I could have been convinced. As it was, the book was just not for me. There’s a lot of drama so I probably would have loved something like this twenty years ago – and there’s definitely an audience for this book. I just didn’t like the characters and all the drama without attempts at mature conversation was too much for me. But it’s probably the dark, angsty book of someone’s dreams.