Review: Witches & Wolves

Witches & Wolves by Kelly D Smith
Acquired how: ebook via netgalley

This is a short book – only about 11k words – but cute. A lot cuter than I was expecting given the subject matter! Tory is a witch who lives in the woods; Gee is a new werewolf who turns up on her doorstep. With the help of Tory’s ex-boyfriend, Jake – also a werewolf – Tory encourages Gee to come to terms with her new life and helps her fight off a hunter.

There’s four chapters in the story and it’s somewhat episodic. There are some dark elements but the story runs at the cuter end of the scale. The characters bond over pancakes. While it’s only a Happy For Now ending, given the characters have only known each other a little while and plan to get to know each other better, I liked where the story went. I wouldn’t have minded a bit more depth of description but I understand there’s only so much you can do in a story that length. There’s also some clumsiness in the language but I think that’s down to the author’s youth (and believe me, in this glass house, I am throwing no stones).

Cute! It didn’t rock my world but I look forward to see how the author evolves from there.