Review: Gatekeepers & Dreamweavers

Gatekeepers & Dreamweavers by Helena Maeve
Acquired how: ebook via netgalley

Simon is a runaway, Lucas is a witch finder, and Irene is a witch.

This was delightful! The first poly romance I’ve read (I know people call them ménage romances, but that seems like reducing an entire sub-genre to sex acts) and I was transfixed start to finish. I didn’t expect there to be so much plot or to be so drawn in by the characters, but I was and I really enjoyed it.

I appreciated the way the characterisation evolved as the characters grew to know each other. The writing is nicely descriptive and paints a richly textured world. There is a wonderful sense of place that I often find lacking in fiction these days, and you really get a good sense of what the woods and the town are like. There were a few moments where I found descriptions of the action a little confusing, but for the most part the writing was clear and absorbing.

I also liked the commentary on abuses of power and sexism. Well recommended!

(To be released in November 2015.)