Review: Fall and Rising

Fall and Rising by Sunny Moraine
Acquired how: ebook via netgalley

This is not a romance, though there are love story elements within it (not all the relationships within have happy endings, either). Instead this is space opera. I have the sort of both extraordinarily high and extraordinarily low standards in science fiction that only come with a lifetime of reading it. So, I can say that this didn’t push many of my narrative buttons, and I didn’t get into it quickly, and also say that I believe a lot of people will find this very enjoyable.

Adam and Lochlan are lovers on the run. In trying to look for a cure for the illness killing his people, the Protectorate, Adam has been cast and treated as a traitor by the very population he’s trying to save. Meanwhile, Lochlan is a member of the Bideshi, a different people who seem to be at conflict with the Protectorate. While they are running from various disasters and conflicts, both within and without their relationship, a third person – Nkikura, a spiritually gifted member of the Bideshi – must choose between staying with her lover and choosing to be a spiritual leader to her people.

There was plenty of action in this book, and a lot of characters to allow the reader to see different viewpoints on the central conflicts. Mysticism and the connections between communities are also key themes. I think if you’re interested in a more spiritually-influenced space opera, that puts the fantasy in science fantasy, then you will probably enjoy this.