Short reviews

The Empty Rooftop by Lily Macpherson – (Netgalley ebook review copy) Anya is a consultant with the FBI tracking a serial killer; Tommi is a race car driver. There was such a tonal mismatch between the scenes from Anya’s POV (bleak, depressing, everything is awful for everyone she knows) and those from Tommi’s POV, of which there weren’t many. I think it would have been better all told from one POV. Also, I didn’t really see what the characters saw in each other and it took me a long time to be convinced by the relationship. Just, not for me.

Craving Flight by Tamsin Parker – So not for me. I found the idea of the story of an Orthodox Jewish woman exploring BDSM with her new husband interesting but this just didn’t quite work for me. There were many interesting elements and the picture of orthodox Jewish life in a suburb of New York was quite vivid. There were enough details to really understand the main character’s desire. Unfortunately, I was less convinced by the love story and I started skimming the sex scenes about half way through because there were so many. I’m not particularly interested in BDSM in the first place so authors have to work hard to make it interesting for me; too many or too similar sex scenes start to bore me, and I’m not super into being stuck in the point of view of a submissive character the whole time either (it can be interesting at first but after a while starts to make me feel claustrophobic).

Worth the read to see why everyone was talking about it but deeply not for me.