Short reviews: Summer Passion, and Rachel Tells It

Summer Passion by MJ Williamz – (Netgalley ebook review copy) Jean is an established movie star in the 50s and Maggie is an up and coming actress. When they fall in love they must put up with hiding their relationship from the public and those who would like to remove people like them from Hollywood. There was a lot of sex in this story and I have to admit I skim-read some of those scenes (on the other hand, I often skim-read sex scenes in romance because I find most of them kind of boring and generally less relevant to the plot than people claim; I am that rare beast but I have to admit that bias in this review). Jean and Maggie fell for each other fast and then spent the rest of the story dealing with the outside obstacles between them, some of which I found more convincing than others. I honestly wouldn’t have minded if they’d been more afraid of discovery. O’Leary, the villain, also seemed like a gun that didn’t quite go off and I felt like that plot-line sort of fizzled towards the end.

However, I also thought Jean and Maggie were pretty cute together. Also, the ending really tapped into the historically significance of how far things have come for the queer community, and I found it really affecting. So, a bit of a mixed reaction, but on balance I enjoyed it.

Rachel Tells It (Vampire City book 2) by Mariana Lewis – The first book in this little series was funnier and I think I find Meledandri as a character a little more interesting than Rachel, but this book seemed better because it was more anchored in the world. I liked the relationship between the main characters. Cute all over.