Short reviews 2015-Nov-10

Balancing Act by Angie Barry – (ebook ARC via netgalley) Adonis (a famous model) and Narcissus (a famous artist) make a bet about who can seduce a new intern, Ganymede. This was short and cute. It wasn’t hard to figure out the twist but it was executed charmingly. The story got quickly to the point and was funny in the journey getting there.

Her Hardest Choice by Jesalin Creswell – Historical romance; widow Vivian and her house maid Millie fall in love. This is the second thing of Creswell’s I’ve read and it’s just as silly and cheesy and charming as the previous.

Marriage of Convenience by Amberly Smith – There were some scene transitions that I felt could be fleshed out because I occasionally felt lost like I’d missed things, and had to read back to check that I hadn’t. Other than that, cute, and about what I expected from a contemporary marriage of convenience story.

In a Witch’s Hands by Diana Morland – I wasn’t convinced by how quick they seemed to fall for each other. It could have stood to be expanded a little. As a story about people in the early days of infatuation it’s fine but I was somewhat underwhelmed.

Brides of Durango: Tessa by Bobbi Smith – This was a historical (from 2000 or thereabouts I believe) set in a town in America’s old west that I picked up in a local second hand shop because the cover looked fun. I’ve always loved the painted covers of historical romances from before photograph covers became so trendy, because they look so vivid and wild as all get out. Not a great book – not much description of anything, a bit of in-a-scene head-hopping, fairly predictable. But it was an easy read and a page turner so I didn’t really mind.