March 2016 recap and links

Sorry for the radio silence! Turns out that while you can work and study full time, at the same time as writing and trying to review, it’s actually a terrible idea for your physical health. Or for mine. I shouldn’t speak for you – you could be a superhero who can do it all. Me, I can barely move off the couch.

What’s happening elsewhere:

This interview with Marjorie Liu about, amongst other things, the transgressiveness of romance novels, I found interesting.

At Huffington Post, 11 Women Throughout History Who Wrote about Sex. They’re obviously not the only women who write about sex, but it’s always nice for people to be reminded it’s not rare. (I’m more of a fade to black girl, myself.)

On the Inevitable Pettiness of Creative Work.

This link round up at Dear Author has a link discussing the ‘gay for you’ trope in m/m fiction. Interesting discussion (and further links) in comments ensues. I think they’re worth the read.

Kat Mayo’s speech at the Australian Romance Readers Awards dinner.

Week ending 6th March 2016

The Book Smugglers had an SFF in Conversation post with writers transitioning from writing short stories to novels or vice versa.  As a reader I often find it interesting to see writers talking about their methods and the different ways they write different types of stories.

SBTB has a post What’s on Your Romance Wishlist? Asking people what they’d like to see in romance. It’s interesting to see the variety of things people are looking for in books but have trouble finding. Be warned, though: reading through these comments may make you spend a lot of money.