Review: Trade Me

Trade Me by Courtney Milan
Acquired how: library ebook

What a good book. I tried a couple of regency romances by Courtney Milan, and though they were well written, they didn’t grab me. Not knocking the writing, just noting that historical romances aren’t really what I’m into, and when I do go historicals I’d rather not read regencies.

And then I read Trade Me, after everyone raved about it last year, and it was just as good as I expected it to be.

First of all: these young people talk the way real young people talk (or, at least, the way they talk in tumblr posts when I’m secretly browing random blogs). Technology is integrated into their lives the way technology is integrated into everyone’s lives in real life. Cyclone really was strongly reminiscent of several big tech companies.

The main characters – Tina and Blake – are such caring, deep-thinking characters. Blake is so constantly stressed in a way that rings true. Tina’s poverty strongly reminds me of periods of my twenties, when you’re wondering how to make $20 without dying of malnutrition.

I haven’t read a whole bunch of billionaire romances but if I did I suspect I would be disappointed. Milan gets the way privilege and power structure a lot of society. She gets the way money – having it or not having it – changes the way people treat you. I’m glad I got to read a book where someone like Tina Chen gets the billionaire and teaches him something about the rest of the world on the way.

I loved the drama at the end – just ridiculously intense enough to be a wild, funny ride, but not so much that I rolled my eyes and walked away.

I only wish I’d read this last year when everyone else did so I could have joined the discussion at the time.