Short reviews 3 July 2016

Roller Girl by Vanessa North – (ebook ARC via Netgalley) I didn’t really connect with this one. It was okay – the writing is competent, the characters are pleasant, and it had the obligatory break-up-and-make-up romance arc. I’d call it a three star read but I put my feeling of being under-whelmed down to (a) it turns out I am the only queer woman on the plant with absolutely no interest in roller derby; (b) there were several references to Tina’s friends who were the main characters of previous books and yet these references were sketchy enough that even I was confused, and there were so many new characters with the roller derby stuff; and (c) everyone was too nice and several scenes didn’t really have interesting tension. I certainly didn’t want to read a book about shitty things happening to trans people but on the other hand this often felt like an after school special full of teaching moments. But other people may love it, so give it a go, anyway.

This Tender Melody by Kianna Alexander – (bought ebook) DNF at 30%. Again the problem of everyone too nice so several scenes didn’t have that kind of tension I look for in a book.

I also recently returned a library book for being too tense all the time, so it’s a delicate balance.