Book: Dying for a Living

Dying for a Living by Kory M Shrum
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I picked this one up because it was free on Kindle and looked interesting. Unlike most times I do that, this book was actually enjoyable.

The premise is thus: Jesse is a ‘death replacement agent’ which means she has a superpower that allows her to take somebody’s death and die in their stead, then awaken hours or days later. What a cool idea! Jesse wants to get out of the business, eventually – the more often she dies, the more likely she is to lose her mind – but she’s stuck in the job by the fear her boss will report her dark past to the cops. And then somebody starts killing off death replacement agents.

This was a reasonably fun ride. Not without flaw, though. Because the POV is tightly locked on Jesse, several important parts of the climax of the story happened off page and were recounted as exposition later. That kind of fizzled things for me. I also sometimes had trouble remember which of the supporting characters was which before reorienting myself, but that may be down to only reading the book on my commute in short spurts.

Still, the main character was interesting, as was the world-building (even if some of it was utter nonsense), and I’m interested to read more from this series.

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