Reading Wednesday 27 July 2016

What I just finished reading

The things I’ve just reviewed, and also–

Queer Wars by Dennis Altman and Jonathan Symons (library book) – Basic overview of where diverse SOGI rights stand at the current time, with a little bit of historical context. I liked how they showed the unlikelihood of international pressure changing a country’s stance on gay rights and trans* rights, showing the example of how international pressure hasn’t stopped human rights violations in treatment of refugees in Australia to show how little international pressure tends to make a difference in human rights issues.

What I’m reading now

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull – As promised.

Music Business for Dummies – Skim reading for research. Crappy cody-editing.

What I’m reading next

I put down Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for some reason but I should get back to that ASAP.

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