Midweek reading 25 August 2016

What I just finished reading

Sleeping with her Enemy by Jenny Holiday – It started off really well, with a heroine who decided to go to work when she was left at the altar – what a great characterisation note that is, for that to be a character’s place of comfort. After a while the pace slowed a little and it got a little cheesy, especially the Taylor Swift karaoke scene. Cute, though.

Dirty by Kylie Scott – (library book) As I said on goodreads, fun narrative voice and it was easy to read very quickly, but the ending seemed both too quick and too slow (in different ways) and a couple of plot threads got dropped. Also, rushing so quickly into one serious relationship, after one of her problems with the previous was she rushed in too fast without thinking, was kind of a downer element (though I know this is the nature of romance novels; they tend not to be about ‘and then the couple slowly got to know each other’s values and interests over several months and then progressed rationally’). I wanted more time for the relationship to make it believable, given that.

Still, one of the cuter romance stories I’ve read recently that starts with the hero and the heroine connecting while she’s in her wedding dress on the day she was meant to get married. Kind of wish I could learn more about the nearly-groom and his love affair with the best man because that was an amusing twist.

Music Business: a musician’s guide to the Australian music industry by Shane Simpson and Jules Munro – (library book) Read for research. Obviously much more useful in an Australian context but helped reinforce a lot of what I read in Passman’s All You Need to Know About the Music Business and also interesting to see the differences between business for musicians and business for writers.

The Journalist’s Guide to Media Law by Mark Pearson – One of my old textbooks. Read to brush up on my knowledge of IP law but this, the fourth edition, was published in 2011 so bits will inevitably be out of date.

How to Write Your Blockbuster by Fiona McIntosh – Writing guide, unabashedly about writing commercial fiction. General but useful overview including her tips on the discipline needed to develop a professional writing regimen.

Strong Signal by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell – Cute, initially long distance relationship between a professional gamer (Kai) and a military mechanic counting down to the end of his deployment (Garrett), and the troubles that arise when they meet. The way Kai’s social anxiety and Garrett’s search for a job in an economically depressed area interact is well done. I admit I skim-read or skipped some of the sex scenes, though. It’s sweet and the romance is convincing but I admit I didn’t really connect with it.

What I’m reading now

Women by Charles Bukowski – Misogynist but hilarious.

What I’m reading next

Some books on film analysis (my great love) and probably a textbook or two.

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