Reading Wednesday 28 September 2016

Maybe now that I’ve published the book I’ll have time for more reading? On second thoughts, given how uni is ramping up and I’m still hard at work on the third book, maybe not.

What I just finished reading

Writing 21st Century Fiction: High Impact Techniques for Exceptional Storytelling by Donald Maas – Thus I continue my habit of arguing with writing guides. There’s some useful stuff in there. There’s also some bewildering stuff, like Maass claiming that Jim Butcher invented urban fantasy, or stating that some classic books deal with things of the past such as prohibition and racism, as if racism was some quaint thing that no longer exists and had disappeared much the way prohibition has. (Don’t we all wish?)

What I’m reading now

Writing textbooks for uni, a Fiona McIntosh book I was given, and a space opera.

What I’m reading next

I really do need to get back to any number of half-read books in my house.

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