Wednesday Reading 22 February 2017

I’m back!

What I just finished reading

The Return of Print: Contemporary Australian Publishing edited by Aaron Mannion and Emmett Stinson – Released late last year and therefore much more up to date than the academic work on the Australian publishing industry I read last year. It has a much more comprehensive look at the romance field, too, in spite of being a slimmer volume. Unfortunately, the pace at which digital publishing changes means some information was already out of date by the time I bought it. Nonetheless, a worthy addition to your bookshelf if this sort of thing is what you’re into (and you already know if academic works examining the Australian publishing industry is what you’re into or not).

Creating the Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Nonfiction by Dinty W Moore (library book) – Honestly, one of the best Writer’s Digest books I’ve ever read. This explained and examined the personal essay as a form much more clearly than any of my uni readings ever did. A good introductory volume, which examines how specific examples of the personal essay work, explains why you might want to write one, and looks at the history of the personal essay. I think this is a pretty good jumping off point to start further investigation into the form. Recommended.

What I’m reading now

A lot of articles, mostly.

What I’m reading next

Now that I’m truly back from holiday it’s time to get stuck into my book backlog. Or will I just read Pride and Prejudice again? Who can tell?