About this website

I love the written word. And if you’re here I’m guessing you do, too.

I spend a lot more time talking about the many genres of fiction and non-fiction I enjoy. But here it’s (almost) all about love.

I find romance novels, and stories with strong romantic elements, equal parts delightful and infuriating. Delight, because there’s something so wonderful about reading about people falling in love, with all the joy and fear that implies. Infuriating, because like everyone I have opinions on what’s romantic and what’s not, and any genre that involves getting so emotionally involved can also mean getting angry at the characters, getting frustrated at miscommunication, and raising an eyebrow at depictions of genders, sexual orientations and race relations (among other things…).

I like to read a variety of romantic stories. Nonetheless, I have my reading preferences, including some that may be a mystery even to me.

I do that too and you can find updates here on what I’m working on, as well as previous works, on a regular basis.

Posting policy
I get sick, I get tired and I take holidays. I also just don’t have as much energy as the average person. This means I post less often than I like and can’t guarantee a weekly schedule. I do try my best to update on a regular basis for the fun it brings into my life.

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