The Rhinoceros Conspiracy Live The People Want Dance Pop Constellation of Neon Lights Strange Conversations book cover

Strange Conversations
Three tales of the awkward conversations you could have if monsters and space aliens were part of your every day life. A young woman reconnects with her high school boyfriend, no matter how much she tries to avoid it. A concerned friend argues about the wisdom of romancing a vampire. A space pilot watches her boss suffer through talking with a diplomat.

short fiction anthology, speculative fiction, 7,900 words

Constellation of Neon Lights
Six short tales of life, death and optimism. A young woman looks back on a grandparent and the nature of stories. Robots question the meaning of their existence. An old woman time travels through memory. A young man leaves a party and questions what he wants from life. Thirty-somethings talk about chemistry over brunch.

short fiction anthology, mainstream adult contemporary, speculative fiction, 8,780 words

The People Want Dance Pop
In 2011 Wesley and Uri form a band together and tour the world. By 2016 they’ve gone their separate ways. Is it sex and drugs that get in the way of their rock and roll friendship, and the arrival of beautiful, normal Gloria and the promise of a life outside the band, or is it the mysteries Uri clings to that threaten everything they’ve built between them?

In Tune #2, new adult, coming of age, mainstream adult contemporary, 84,360 words

The Rhinoceros Conspiracy Live!
Anxiety, jealousy – guitarist Zeppelin O’Connor has been trying to bury his feelings for years. But when charming, flighty lead singer Joe expresses interest, Zepp makes a choice that goes against all his instincts. As they try to keep the band from falling apart and deal with the fears between them, will an outside threat or their own anxieties get in the way of their happy ending?

In Tune #1, new adult, coming of age, mainstream adult contemporary, m/m romantic elements, 64,700 words