Review policy

This blog started out with a focus on romance but I READ WHAT I WANT. You can’t tie me down! I can’t guarantee I will review (or even remember to mention) everything I read, especially given a lot of it is dry non-fiction.

I am not accepting un-requested ARCs at the moment. I reserve the right not to finish or review any ARC I do request (though I’ll do my best). All reviews will be based on my honest opinion of the book.

On bias and impartiality: If I felt I couldn’t give a review that wasn’t biased by my thoughts on or relationship with the author, I would not accept the book to review. Nor do I feel my preferred sub-genres to write in will necessarily adversely influence my opinions on someone else’s book. I would expect anyone else who wanted to review something I’d written would feel the same.

Finally, we all have preferences and different things that are not to our taste. I feel I can be honest about these things while accepting that sometimes a work I don’t enjoy has many qualities that are objectively good (clear writing, good characterisation, consistent tone, etc), and that sometimes a work I do enjoy is not necessarily as good. If I don’t like your favourite novel that’s not a reflection on you or what I think of you – sometimes tastes differ, is all.

I hope to write reviews that convey what I like or dislike about books in a way that makes it clear to a reader what they may like or dislike about it, even when we differ. This is my small part of the great conversation about books on the net.