Wednesday reading 7 December 2016

What I just finished reading

Visit Sunny Chernobyl by Andrew Blackwell – A travel memoir about a man trying to visit the most polluted places on earth. It started off pretty neat with his visit to Chernobyl but as the book went on, it seemed to lose its way, especially after the author went through a break up part way through. The chapter in India was especially meandering. Blackwell nearly brought things full circle at the end when he mentioned the Fukushima nuclear accident happening as he was wandering around India, and how it reminded him of Chernobyl, but in the end that didn’t really go anywhere and he drew no real conclusions. The book was fine and I liked it well enough, but I expected more.

What I’m reading now

Nil. Too busy shoving Ace Attorney into my eyelids.

What I’m reading next

I got four writing guides out from the library to sceptically read, so I suppose I should read those before it’s time to take them back.